The Untold Tech Story: Thriving in chaos

July 18, 2018

For the third edition of CTOTalk, we were delighted to host Vibhore Sharma, CTO of at Info Edge.

Vibhore started off by giving a brief introduction into the different products at Info Edge:, 99, and; as well as recent strategic investments made into, Policybazaar and He took us through the journey of Naukri since inception, and how it evolved from a static HTML website to one of India’s leading job portals with a dynamic interface.

Tech Stack

The initial tech stack consisted of Cobalt RAQ, Unix and HTML which later changed to include Linux, Foxpro, Lex & CGI, and eventually PHP & MySQL entered.

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Chaos worsens

Vibhore took us through the challenges they faced such as:

  • Demanding sales force
  • Unforgiving clients
  • Limiting stack
  • Scalability challenges: constraints on infrastructure and network

“Technology, in the absence of users and business, is nothing. We must focus on the business solution paradigm and solve problems for the business.”

At Naukri, they have been using machine learning & artificial intelligence for many years now, and they have combined statistics with data science to interpret behaviour of recruiters and build a probabilistic model based on this.

Overall, it was an insightful session, especially for all the senior tech architects and tech founders who attended.

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